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Twitter Space - 8 October 2023

Join us on another talk where we discuss the failed transmission studies. There is more than 50 failed transmission studies listed in Virology The Damning Evidence. The reason there is so much focus on this topic is because transmission is the foundational assumption of virology (refer to Hacking at the Root of the Virus Issue).

1865 - Max Von Pettenkofer - professor of the first Institute of Hygiene,  at the University of Munich - Wiki Sanitarc.si

Some of the speakers include:

The original recordings can be found here and here.

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  31. Jamie Discussing The PCR, Gene Sequencing and Genetics Fraud Article

  32. A Review of Mullis by Rod Knoll

  33. Debating AZT by Anthony Brink

  34. History of Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos by Anthony Brink

  35. HIV - A Virus Like No Other

  36. The Most Detailed Controls Ever Published

  37. JJ Couey - "The No Virus Movement Defends Their Position Through Lying"

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