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The Most Comprehensive Control Studies of the Virological Methodology Ever Undertaken

An update since January 2024


In a previous article titled: DPL's Newsletter - What We Have Planned, I asked the readers of this Substack for donations and promised to show the results of our findings once they are available.

Please see the attached video of Jamie presenting the data. The donations that were received was put towards the undertaking of these tests and the results are nothing short of amazing.

We however need to do further testing to cover a few more aspects of the quackery that is virology. If you’d like to further support this work, please donate at the following link - TheWayForward

Message from The Team

For the past 8 months a team of us including 30-year experienced biochemists and geneticists have been conducting the most comprehensive control studies of the Virological Methodology ever done.

Taking inspiration from the control experiments conducted by Dr. Stefan Lanka, we looked not only to replicate his findings but to expand on them, scrutinizing every single point of reference virologists quote as evidence that “viruses” exist.

We are conducting control experiments in respect of the following experiments and procedures:

  • Cell Culture Isolation.

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy.

  • Antibodies.

  • PCR.

  • Proteomics.

  • Full Genome sequencing.

To date, we have conducted over 90 cell culture control studies. These cultures were not inoculated with a “virus” sample and consist only a cell line, antibiotics and fetal bovine serum (FBS). Despite the lack of a “virus” sample, cytopathic effect (CPE or cell death that is supposed to denote the presence of a virus) was observed in all 90 cell cultures.

For an in-depth explanation of CPE and the isolation process see this article: Virus Isolation - Confusion is the Best Tool to Keep People from Truth.

We took note of some of the main issues that people had raised concerning the cell culture control experiments carried out by Dr. Lanka, such as "overgrown" cell lines, and looked to address these in our control experiments.

As such, and in an effort to strengthen the findings as much as possible, our control experiments cover every single angle of the methodology cross referencing the standard protocol for handling cell cultures at every stage as provided by the ATCC. We also used the most robust cell lines (HEK293T) and the least harsh antibiotics of Pen/Strep. Finally, we sought objective verification of CPE occurring in these cultures by using Laser Spectrometry and specific cell viability machinery called Countess. Countess allowed us to gain objective verification in the form of percentage read outs of the extent of the CPE in all the cell cultures.

Figure 1 below shows one culture featured in the experiment. Note the clear cell apotosis (cell death) at just day 4 post removal of FBS nutrients.

Countess registered up to 44% cell death which is an indication of CPE and sufficient to denote the presence of a "virus". Remember that these CPE is taking place without the possibility of a "virus" being present in the culture.

Also note the increasing CPE left to right as the amounts of antibiotics (Pen/Strep) added increases as per ATCC protocols.

Figure 1: CPE Results - Cell lines (HEK293T).

To act as a kind of "Positive Control" we added sputum from a healthy human as a sample into quite a few of our cultures to see if that affected the amount of CPE that took place.

As you can see the amount of CPE registered by Countess was almost identical, if not a little lower, than was registered in the cultures to which no sputum sample was added.

This is further proof that the CPE in these cultures is only caused by the removal of the FBS nutrients and the addition of antibiotics in accordance with the industry standard recommended dosages.

Figure 2: CPE Results with Sputum - Cell lines (HEK293T).

We sent these cultures to an independent accredited Contract Research Organization (CRO) to do Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) on the control cultures.

We then can cross refenced with the CDC to give positive identification of "Sars Cov2", "HIV" and "Measles" from the electron micrographs taken of the cultures.

We commissioned the CRO to look for Extra Cellular Vesicles which they positively identified as shown in Figure 3 below. Note they are empty, misshapen and much larger than most "viruses" at 2 000 nm.

Figure 3: Positively Identified Extra Cellular Vesicles.

By cross referencing of size, shape and inclusions with the CDC version of SARS Cov 2 (in red square in Figure 4) we positively identified "Sars Cov 2" in our culture (refer to Figure 5). Note the round shape and the same inclusions inside at exactly the same size of 120 nm.

Figure 4: CDC version of SARS Cov 2 (in red square).
Figure 5: Positively Identified "Sars Cov 2"

By cross referencing of size, shape and inclusions with the CDC version of HIV (refer to Figure 7 with two red arrows) we positively identified "HIV" in our culture (refer to Figure 6). Note the same round shape, the same "nucleus" type inclusion and exactly the same size at 80nm.

Figure 6: Positively Identified "HIV" in Our Culture.
Figure 7: CDC version of HIV (with red writing).

By cross referencing of size, shape and inclusions with the CDC version of Measles (refer to Figure 8) we positively identified "Measles" in our culture (refer to Figure 9). Note the same oval shape, the exact type of inclusion in the form of dotted proteins and phosproteins and exactly the same size, large at 250 nm.

Figure 8: CDC version of Measles.
Figure 9: Positively Identified "Measles" in Our Culture.

All of these were found within just 9 images of our culture. Funds prohibited us from taking out a package that enabled us to have a live session under the microscope with the CRO. We have no doubt that if we could purchase a package that gives us more images with control over where to look, we could find every single "virus" known to man in impeccable detail.

We need your help

Up until this point we have kept these experiments private and mostly funded them ourselves.

The next stage of the control experiment is genetics, PCR and Full Genome Sequencing.

To fully understand what is going on with the PCR if not for "viral genetics" we need to do the following:

  • Purchase a QPCR machine and some additional equipment.

  • Send the samples to CROs for Full Genome sequencing.

  • Carry out a more comprehensive TEM.

So, we are opening up to people power. We would be extremely grateful for any help to continue these vital experiments.

In return we want to give you something for your kind donations.

When we have obtained all of the results possible, we will do a full writeup of all methodologies, equipment, a materials list, and all guidelines we followed to be able to provide an information pack that everyone and anyone can have and access. Also, with this information pack we will release a video explaining these results, how they may be replicated and most importantly how they may be used.

We have consulted with our lawyers who confirmed that, if we OpenSource these experimental results anyone can take them as their own and use them in their own capacity.

A large part of why we are doing these experiments is to protect ourselves and loved ones if they ever try to repeat 2020. This information pack (scientific document) can be served to employers/schools/international borders etc. This is to counter the absolute nonsense if they try to enforce vaccine mandates or testing/masking policies.

There have been many legal precedents set by Dr. Lanka, Marvin Haberland and others with wins in court based upon the truth of "No Virus". We hope to be legally and scientifically prepared for the next time.

Some articles relevant to the project as follows:

A while ago I stopped paid subscription to my substack because substack / stripe made it impossible to get the donations off their platform. If you’d do like to support my work, consider buying me a coffee.

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dpl’s Newsletter
dpl’s Newsletter