Really enjoyed listening to this, great to hear that there are no virus people all over the world.

Somewhere around 2 h 09 min the question is raised where do they find all these people to publish these completely BS health studies. My thoughts are that in a lot of these studies they don't find anyone, they just completely make up the study/research from beginning to end and get it published. See this article which discusses this issue -


This is not even taking into account the Reproducibility problem the majority of health studies have been shown to have.

Then around 2 h 03min the issue of our universities are raised. I found this substack article below to be very enlightening (it's a quick read).


I mean there is no indication that things have changed in education since it was formed as set out in the article above. Universities and schools are just another cog in the social engineering machine. Like the cartoon says in that article, "no one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them." This is why universities can be bought out /influenced by corporations such as big pharma, as universities are there to indoctrinate not educate . ( as an aside, I feel the same goes for legal systems, a system will not be allowed to exist which has the potential to hold those responsible - the powers which shouldn't be - accountable. )

Then lastly, re people saying gatekeepers aren't all bad because they help some people wake up. While this may be true, the problem is that most people don't make the jump from gatekeepers to people actually telling the whole truth. People mostly get sucked in by gatekeepers and then stay there. Perhaps that was OK for the 9/11 physop but in the covid physop where people and children will continue to get other toxic vaccinations because they are only being told half the truth, it's definitely not OK. In a telegram group that I recently joined, someone posed the question, "where would those who have been 'woken up' by gatekeepers be now if they hadn't run into gatekeepers? Would fewer people be awake? Or would the whole truth have a better chance of coming out?" I thought that was a great question.

Anyways, those were just issues I wanted to add my 2 cents too. I don't have Twitter otherwise would have probably put these comments in the thread there. Ps I really enjoyed Dpl's analogy re cattle farming, the elite most definitely organize us in the same way they do cattle!

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Did I misread that there are going to be debates with actual virologists here? If so will you direct me to the debate. I watched those tools Dan Wilson and his buddy debate (that's debatable) Christine Massey and Saeed Qureshi and I am anxiously waiting for a debate in which one of the virology debunkers that can hold their own much better takes them and others on. If these already exist, please direct me there.

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