I wrote the following comments in my own post on MY substack. The title I've chosen for my post is "The Mullis Mirage" (link here: https://longtimedissident.substack.com/p/the-mullis-mirage ).

Here is what I wrote:

Unfortunately, this post has become a necessity. I don’t enjoy doing this to people who continue to be in many cases widely regarded as heroes. However, at the same time, I’m not going to sit back and let people who should know better continue to MISINTERPRET the history of -and quotes said by key leaders from- our old “AIDS” dissident movement!

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I had been under the ignorant impression that PCR was like a centrifugation machine of sorts that made "photocopies" of molecules, only to find out it is a process that uses chemicals.

Mullis was bravely outspoken in the 1990s and early 2000s against Fauci and the AIDS/HIV genocidal hoax , but it bugged me that he did not appear to ever question the existence of any other "viruses". How half-assed of a scientist can you be? And since he was so obviously half-assed up to speed about "viruses", you have to sincerely question the PCR process >> Does it actually do what it has been claimed to do? And if so, are the results truly meaningful & necessary for the benefit of mankind/animalkind?

Mullis won the Nobel Prize, and as children we were taught that the Prize means the recipient is super intelligent and has invented something extremely beneficial, but any invention used to support the refuted Germ Theory Fraud and Contagion Myth and thus justify the use of vaccines & antibiotics and other pharma meds, is of ZERO benefit for mankind & animalkind -- and in fact, inevitably contributes to their suffering & misery & deaths.

I tried to find a death certificate for Mullis but could not. I've searched in vain for interviews with his widow. The latest video before his death in 2019 was something from like 2014, and he did not look to be in the pink of health. He didn't look like he was on death's door, but I've seen healthier & younger looking 70 year old's. So he may very well have died from what they used to call "the old person's friend", pneumonia. He may not have been murdered. It would be nice to ask his widow about his health in the last years of his life, and to find out if he took any kind of synthetic medications.

But yea, I was shocked when the penny dropped after pigging out on as many interviews of him as I could find in 2020. I thought, "Hey, this guy is still talking about "retroviruses", and still talking about health as if it is only a matter of chemistry!"

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I don't have the requisite expertise to understand either Mullis nor his detractors, and I doubt that more than 1% of the world's population has it either. What can we do in the absence of an ability to understand an important issue like this? We have to find experts we trust to rely upon (even if only tentatively), and our trust has to be based on something other than that expertise, since we are not qualified to be able to ascertain such expertise by itself. That's a common dilemma for many important sociopolitical issues (and for scientific issues that impinge upon sociopolitical considerations). I'm not sure how to solve that dilemma, but we Non-Experts may often have to go by our intuition and by reason & common sense in assessing the comportment of various Experts who clamor for the people's attention on matters they evidently feel it's important to persuade the public. It's rarely useful when one of the clamoring Experts (and/or their hangers-on) insist that "no you don't need any expertise, it's easy to understand!" or "no no no! it's clear that WE have the right answer and they don't! Can't you see? What's wrong with you???" et fucking cetera.

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Not sure what your point is here, or what you were expecting with Mullis. He has made some smart comments in the past, especially regarding Fauci. Otherwise he was still part of the main "science" establishment.

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