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Its a well oiled machine, one has to spend a minimum of a decade in conspiracy to uncover these shills, James Corbett, Henrikk pangram from Sweden still get the pass, they all promote Vitamin D as well, these people are extremely dangerous.

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I cannot believe people still shill synthetic Vitamin D. At least people are starting to see this shit now!

And yes, agreed. It is a well oiled machine protecting a trillion dollar industry.

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MiriAF or @informedconsentmatters is pretty solid and does well at exposing frauds and gatekeepers, if you don't know her.

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Thanks for the info man

Is she on telegram or twitter?

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Miri also started a YouTube channel but her blog used to allow comments but unfortunately it doesn’t anymore. that is when I unsubscribed. however when I think of it, I try to check in on what she saying. she’s very good at noting all the chaos is prepping us to accept their idea of the solution

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She is freedom alliance political party and they are controlled


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Difficult to trust anyone!!

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@MattersInformed on Twitter and her website is https://miriaf.co.uk/

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Substack and own website and FB.

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Thanks Paul,

I'll search around. Please drop some links if you get a chance

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Here's a much more comprehensive article on what happened in Italy if you want to include it in your excellent portfolio.

Italy 2020: Inside Covid’s ‘Ground Zero’ in Europe


Of note is the fact that 78-year-old Adriano Trevisan, a retired bricklayer from the village of Vo’ Euganeo near Padua in the Veneto region became the first "Covid death" of a European recorded.

The deceased tested positive for the virus and died in the hospital while being treated for pneumonia. If it weren't for the phony PCR results he would have been categorized as a death from pneumonia.

On another note Brescia and Bergamo in the Lombardy region are #1 and #2 resepctively in having highest death rate from fine particulate matter in all of Europe.

On another note in 1976 Seveso, Italy experienced “one of the worst industrial accidents in the past century. The Seveso disaster occurred in a chemical manufacturing plant 12 miles north of Milan in the Lombardy region of Italy. It resulted in the highest known exposure to TCDD in residential populations in history and became a “testament to the lasting effects of dioxin.”

Dioxin is a known cancer-causing agent and many people who were living in and around Seveso at the time would be at increased risk of cancers later in life. Someone who turned 20 years of age in 1976 would now be in their 60’s during the Covid Era.

This is consistent with what has been widely reported among Nembro men, with cancer being the leading cause of death in this demographic and lung cancer being the most common type of cancer.

Not too difficult to conjur an "epidemic" in that region given the fact that everyday life is an epidemic there and has been for decades.

They knew this going in hence Italy as the launching pad. Not to mention the country is run by central bankers.

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Fantastic list. Thank you!

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dpl, thank you for this work you do. One additional name for the #Team No-Virus list is Jim West.

You may find his April 2020 article of interest if you haven't encountered it yet.


He makes a few appearances in Virus Mania and his DDT/Polio book is worth owning. But the thing that really endears him to me is that he has written two books on the dangers of ultrasound to fetal development. As far as I can tell, after reading his site, books, comments and such, he's the real deal.

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I'm not sure where Grant Genereux stands on the no-virus issue, but I wrote an extensive post at Steve Kirsch's sub-stack about Grant's thesis that the inoculations contained Retinoic Acid, which would cause many things that we've seen. I'll dig that up and link it here if it hasn't been scrubbed over there. If it has, I have it archived and will post if you'd like to read it.

Grant has documented a very insidious thing in his investigation of "Vitamin A" toxicity. His second book is free at his site. The title is 'Poisoning for Profits'


The first five chapters will bring you right up to speed.

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My comment at Kirsch's sub-stack on Nov. 17, 2021 was accessible without a subscription. https://kirschsubstack.com/p/we-got-vials/comments

When I tried accessing my earlier comment on Nov. 13, 2021 I was blocked by a requirement to subscribe, so I paid the five bucks this morning since it was easier than finding it on one of my thumb drives. Here is Grant Genereux's hypothesis. I added the related 'smoking-gun' clinical trials to his list of circumstantial evidence .


RETINOIC ACID as a VACCINE ADJUVANT Enhances CD8+ T Cell Response and Mucosal Protection from Viral Challenge

Assessment the Activity Value of Isotretinoin (13- Cis-Retinoic Acid ) in the Treatment of COVID-19 ( Isotretinoin in Treatment of COVID-19) (Randomized) (Isotretinoin)


Investigating the Role of 13cis Retinoic Acid in the Treatment of COVID-19 and Enhancement of Its Spike Protein Based Vaccine Efficacy and Safety. (Isotretinoin)


Aerosol Combination Therapy of All-trans Retinoic Acid and Isotretinoin as A Novel Treatment for Inducing Neutralizing Antibodies in COVID -19 Infected Patients Better Than Vaccine : An Innovative Treatment (Antibodies)


Storage requirements for Pharmaceutical Grade RETINOIC ACID:

Stored in the dark, -20C or -70C



Pfizer covid vaccine ingredient list

Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -70C


Moderna covid vaccine ingredient list

Moderna vaccine must be stored at -20C

Both vaccines are recommended to stay in their original carton/container to protect them from light. As is RETINOIC ACID

Retinoic Acid Inducing COVID Antibodies Better than a Vaccine


Nano-encapsulated RETINOIC ACID as a safe tolerogenic ADJUVANT for intranasal vaccination against cutaneous leishmaniasis


RETINOIC ACID-Loaded Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticle Formulation of ApoB-100-Derived Peptide 210 Attenuates Atherosclerosis


Non-Viral COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Systems


"Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) polymer has also been incorporated into a lipid mRNA delivery system, called TT3-LLNs, for mRNA delivery in human cell lines [ 41 ]."


The Pfizer COVID19 vaccine is SELF-ADJUVANTING, which means that it requires no immune booster and it is not incubated in an egg so it requires no antibiotics or formaldehyde to kill off harmful pathogens.

h/t Grant Genereux @ggenereux.blog

author of Poisoning for Profits

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Good God, what a goldmine of information this entire article and comments have provided. I need to save this and pick away at it when I have time. Glad to stumble upon more people who seem to think like I do - feels like we are a rare breed these days 😊

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Omar of dark side papers has been a light in a claustrophobic cave of darkness. So have you DPL

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Thanks for the kind words Sun, and yes I agree. Omar has made it much easier to place these people!

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Hi dpl, It's a great honor to be included in this fantastic post! Aiding and abetting mass murder, how can these entities tolerate themselves when they look in the mirror every morning? I guess the mirror pukes.

I wish you God Speed in continuing to help put out the word on these "clowns" 🤡

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Well deserved man. If you do have articles to add please let me know. I will try and look out for your work but you know how it goes with all the info flying around.

Keep up the great work man.

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Thanks DPL, pleasure to give my 2 cents, here are some notes I've written over the months. I’m happy if you want to use or not use these no worries. At the bottom I put 2 links to some other investigators who have written some posts that stand out for me.

Alex Jones, not who you thought he was


Arthur Firstenburg, a soft climate change promoter


Ana Michalea off the deep end


Note on Ana and legal mucking



Ana, doesn’t like virus isolation discussions


Kathy Clarke, MD, soft vaccine pusher


Proton Magic writing about this post


Chris Sky is a chaos-debate maker


Mike Stone’s post on "Dr. Sky"


Sage Hanna is a soft vaccine pusher


Sabrina Wallace a quirky genius or a good actress?



Health freedom fighters are virus pushers against clot shots


10 habits of fake freedom fighters


Greg Reese of Info Wars riding the alien psyop


Lawyer Todd Callendar wanted to go to medical school:

“Marburg Virus is baked into the shots and will be activated by 5G.”


Other investigators

Nefahotep on Hitler as British agent


Outraged on Steve Kirsch


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Ooh thanks for listing your posts like this! (squirrels them away in a secret file!)

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Are you familiar with brendon lee o'connell? https://rumble.com/v3ktdaj-patreon-video-8-the-bolshevik-equivilent-of-take-back-america-and-general-f.html he claims to believe in viruses but has assembled a list of gatekeepers with roughly the same names. He is followed by Barry rogue https://youtu.be/9BZPy6T-IwM?si=v5GH1mPlplHe-MJn brendon waffles on a lot and never really puts together hard hitting facts. Regardless, for the big picture he is valuable. It seems that the end goal is one world government and smart city gulags. An interim step towards the goal is to create a cold war between americas and mackinder world island ( Europe aisa africa) If you consider that intel has set up euv semiconductor fabs in Ireland and USA and left low tech duv machinery in isreal. I assume ireland and probably Australia will be joining the America's. The other interesting thing to watch is the weakening of earth's magnetic field. The earth is less able to deflect solar bombardment. Regarding Kim osboel be careful because it doesn't seem like she does much vetting and just passes on fear porn sometimes. Thanks for your work. I understand if you want to remain focused on fake biology. The things that unlocked me from the mainstream was first of all "the bell curve" info regarding iq and then Richard werner on banking. The simple rules to detect gatekeepers are 1 cross promotion 2 focussing on the latest issue 3 popularity 4 production quality 4 lack of details that could be used in a coherent debate 5 adds ( yes even tom cowan, Andy kaufman, drs bailey, Mike stone, Alec zeck) I am greatful for their efforts, and the information that they have divulged but I just wonder if they would have the integrity to decline the bribes if they were offered. According to brendon, most people don't know they are gatekeepers, followers subscribe and donate etc but some of that money and those identities are bots. That support dries up when they stray from the message too much, eventually they are trained. Who does that leave us with? You, Jamie, Anthony brink, Christine massey and sorely missed eleni e-p. I posted a while ago on twitter about watching the body fluids with regards to pH redox temp and osmolarity, wondering if this new info from Anthony about eleni on oxidation has piqued your interest? These simple measures would encompass both organic and inorganic toxins, emfs, stasis and flow and I believe that this is what gaston naussens was working on even before eleni. This takes us back to bechamp. Thanks again.

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Hi Justin, can you please tell me what is this "new info from Anthony about eleni on oxidation"?

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Sorry rod, my comment was badly phrased. Dpl recently shared a conversation he had with Anthony. He also supplied great links to documents. The info is only new to me. I started reading the article on actin and mycin being influenced by more than just calcium but haven't yet gone through all the links

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No prob Justin. Thanks for replying!

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Regarding redox and health, I think the work Dr jack kruse ( https://x.com/DrJackKruse?t=wvNHCYiGu8gP8zPxAUkwRA&s=09 ) is doing under the name "quantum biology" with a focus on mitochondria, deuterium and "light" is a metamorphosis of the same ideas. Considering emf is a combination of dielectric and magnetic fields and dielectric fields can be interpreted as influencing electronegativity or at least the transition between electron orbitals in a Schroedinger hydrogen wave function conceptualisation.

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Thank you for your comment Justin,

You seem to know WTH is going on. You are correct in stating: "sorely missed eleni e-p". How I wish she was still with us! It would have made the world's difference. I will have a look at the links you shared over the weekend.

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In my opinion Cowan, Kaufman the Bailey's research doesn't present new unfounded hypothesis but they expose 'logical fallacies' in the narrative, and use logic and reason to expose the 'flaws' in the prevailing narratives on Virology and Medicine. They deep dive into the facts supporting the claims of these two areas and test there validity. In terms of 'ads' it is a good point - highly polished pieces of work require funding. However, with all things one must show discernment, and skepticism, and not be sucked into simply believing without robust arguments and evidence to support claims.

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In this video just after 24mins


stefan lanka and scoglio discuss lactic acid fermentation vs respiration (oxidative phosphorylation) it seems to me that everyone who is willing to investigate scientifically, eventually narrows down disease to redox, ph, temp, osmolarity, dielectric constant and emf, which could be summarised as a reaction of water to an altered terrain.

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When, lo! as they reached the mountain-side,

A wondrous portal opened wide,

As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed;

And the Piper advanced and the children followed,

And when all were in to the very last,

The door in the mountain-side shut fast.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin ( legend )

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Please do one of these expose's on the Weston Price Foundation. I am a long time member of that organization and have been very thankful for their work over the years, but they continue to ask us to beg the Government for our freedoms and to pass laws for food freedom. Same as the medical freedom movement. I am done with that.

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Omg! Omar Jordan is the guy who wrote "Robert Malone - Dark Vaccine Wizard"???? That article was AMAZING! I had it bookmarked from someone's Google Drive, maybe it was Omar's.... but then it just suddenly disappeared (I assume Google wiped it) and I didn't know who wrote it and thought it was lost forever. But I ended up finding a backup version of it recently and was so happy, but now that I know who wrote it, I would LOVE to read more from this person. So glad I randomly stumbled across your page today.

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Great stuff man! Jea and feel free to join Omar's telegram group then you can speak to him if you need clarification on anything

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Great read ! Thank you

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You are welcome. I dont believe it all but it keeps me grounded

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It seems Tate may have converted to Islam in order to facilitate his 'alleged' sex traffic op between Europe and the Gulf States. That is the same reason he is living in Romania - a notorious sex trade hot spot.

It also seems he does not own a lot of the toys he flaunts: he leases them.

Besides that, he looks like a Giant Mouse.

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Miri AF has written about Tate. Great analysis

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I was led to this post from a comment on my own. We seem to be on the same wavelength.


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Good call Frances :-)

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i was scrolling through the comments to make sure Frances was included in this. she's an eye opener for sure.

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Thanks for the mention, DPL!

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Well deserved Bill! 💪💪💪

Thank you for this work man. It's probably one of the most important topics someone can write about.

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So Greg Reese claims he has "moved to Russia" - citing fear of arrest for his views; "out of peace and brotherly love"; and because he doesn't want to "fight a civil war".

"Most survivors with intelligence that I know are skedaddling."

I think he means "most wealthy Americans" -many of whom have been asleep at the wheel for the past six decades whilst benefitting from the MIC global wars for enrichment- are voting with their feet and wallets...because they can.

This seems rather bizarre because I have had a number of exchanges with him that revealed he is not particularly conversant with geopolitics.

His recorded explanation was filled with naive platitudes about Russia.

"Do I stay and wait to be thrown in jail...or is it best to leave and find somewhere where you have more freedom of speech to where you can continue your work."

He clearly does not realise that Russia also jails its dissidents. So unless he plans to be a propagandist for the Russian state, he might have to give up 'media'.

Perhaps he has received a 'business invitation' from a Vlasovite Nooze group?

My guess is he will veer towards a focus on 'alien' and tabloid-style reporting.

So whilst he says “there is no escape” to the NWO, he is escaping….

His cohort Celia Farber is also decamping - to Spain.

They don't care if their compatriots are left holding the bag - because they are neoliberals.

They are both Controlled Opposition.


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Thanks for the link to James Corbett.

As I suspected, he is a Spook..

and in turn, a Handler.

He is bringing up the next generation of Spooklets:

namely TLAV and the Unlimited Hangout crew.

Criticise any of them -esp Madame Librarian- and you will get a sound tongue thrashing from the unpaid adoring Fan Club who seem to forget that 'journalists' are not Rawk Stars.

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Dec 27, 2023·edited Dec 28, 2023Author

Indeed mate! Are you on telegram? Drop me a mail on ###@protonmail.com and we can connect there. We've chased these gatekeepers down a few times in the past.

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I will rejoin if possible. Tele asked for a QR code and I balked at that.

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