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Love this! I can't access this on Twitter at the moment! Severe censorship from the WEF stooge Musk!

Hopefully, people wake up and stop being manipulated into believing that there are tiny ghost particles out to make them sick.

The symptoms of so-called "infectious" diseases are

simply manifestations of the body expelling a build-up

of toxins and debris from various tissues, organs and

any microbes found related excretions are there to

facilitate the breakdown and elimination of toxins

and debris.

~ Dr. Herbert Shelton

This playlist is a good start for those that want to learn the truth.


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Thanks for your article, it's a shame it doesn't have more coverage.. people should be aware of the fraud 🤥

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We have to be the media. It doesnt have to be a shame. Please join our efforts to print mini flyers from this site called Lucky at www.VirusTruth.NET and put on as many cars in your town as you can as you go about your day or tape to gas pumps or hand to masked people or women with children etc. easy to make 10 per color sheet I use one sided ones to tape up and 2 sided ones to hand out. I even slip into diaper boxes down the grocery isle and mask boxes. we all have power to do this. easy. please join us!

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Thank you. This provides a great reference showing the fraudulence of virology.

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