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An awesome interview exposing the Virology tactics and deceptions.

This is a must share to expose the Virology fraud!

There is no virus!

There is no test!

There is no contagion!

We are awake to the Medical crimes!

Here is a copy of, "Farewell to Virology" as a reference.


RIP Germ Theory!

🔴Virology scam of the Century!

😢Funeral services for Germ Theory will be held at the Pasteur Museum at the Institut Pasteur, situated at 25 rue du Docteur Roux - 75015 Paris, France

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Great to hear the details that help bust the idea of germs causing disease. However, I have to point out one specific area - 'food poisoning'. Food that begins to rot can cause sickness when eaten. Breakdown toxins eaten within the food make people sick. To the best of my knowledge, bacteria in the food has never been proven to cause 'food poisoning' by interaction with human cells. This could be explained to the public sometime on substack.

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This was great. Listened carefully twice through. tysm.

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