Interesting info from Dr Cowan...

Dr Tom Cowan Dec 2022 Webinar - Vitamin D: Friend or Foe?

Webinar Video Link (remove spaces):

* bit chute .com/video/Cpv1XrGHXBB1

Most of the webinar features Dr Cowan reviewing various Vitamin D studies. Selected points from the webinar:

* 21:37 - We are not actually dealing with a vitamin. D3 is a steroid hormone like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and prednisone are called steroid hormones because they are metabolites of cholesterol

* 23:30 - People have a reduction in their symptoms of detoxification or inflammation when you give them a steroid hormone while making the overall situation worse. The inflammation is occurring to help heal the underlying issue, but the steroid hormones stop the process

* 31:50 - All the randomized control trials featuring Vitamin D supplementation are yielding very disappointing results, sometimes worsening

* 41:33 - The processing of vitamin D in the skin has evolved in a way that protects against potential toxicity. In contrast, oral vitamin D has only been a strategy for the last ~100 years and there is no protective adaptation

* 42:50 - Oral supplementation with D3 is associated with many health problems, but not associated if we get our vitamin D from the sun or by the fat of animals who themselves have been exposed to sunlight throughout their lives

* 44:05 - Sun exposure definitely is associated with decreased all-cause mortality, something that has never been found with D3 supplements


* 52:43 - Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone made from cholesterol in the skin exposed to UVB light

* 53:31 - Natural production results in multiple metabolites of Vitamin D that are health-giving & life supporting

* 53:32 - Sun exposure is the only way humans are meant to restore their supplies of this very important hormone, with the exception of in the winter eating the fat of animals that have spent their lives in the sun and have stored Vitamin D

* 54:25 - There are essentially no benefits and a lot of toxicity from supplementation. A lot of the increase in modern illnesses may be somewhat related to increasing D3 supplementation

* 54:50 - I don't see any reason to take any Vitamin D3 in any food supplement, pill, decoction, liquid, etc

* 55:14 - The only healthful ways to get Vitamin D are through mid-day sun exposure or eating the fat of animals that themselves have spent their lives in the sun

* 55:38 - For those that live in northern climates in the winter without access to UVB light from the sun, use a UVB lamp/lightbox

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Great comment! Thanks for this MusicMan!

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May 3, 2023Liked by dpl

It is a good comment! I suffered from vitamin D toxicity a few years ago. I did not know better and took Vitamin D, it was winter very little sunlight, and thought it would help with some issues. It made me very very sick, enough to seek a (relatively) good doctor although I don't go to drs at all really, but she ran a lab and came back with "stop taking Vitamin D immediately!" Of course I never have since and have tried to tell others about its harm. dpl, I appreciate your work very much. This 'stack by you was great. Keep it up!

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Thanks Kary,

I follow a great channel on twitter (not selling anything) that continually puts out tweets of how amazing the body is and how it always returns to homeostasis if we would only allow it without interfering. I mention him in the article (@3dom13). Obviously we need to look at nutrition as well but it dissolves the entire pharma ruse of chemical intervention. I think that others would get there much easier was it not for the TV programming, constant advertising and Rockefeller indoctrinated quacks that we call doctors.

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How much were you taking? What brand? What type?

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Great post, DPL. Yeah, I hear you w/r/t to "vitamins". A large percentage of these are slaughterhouse products. "Vitamin D" (the chemical supplement) is extremely toxic, at 37 mg/kg. Not quite as bad as Arsenic, Strychnine, Cyanide, or Ivermectin, but close.

My only other comment is about Fakologist. I like a lot of what he's done, but he defended Poornima Wagh, after we exposed her as a fraud. He cited my Substack post about her, and questioned our motives and said we were "shooting the messenger".

Largely agree with much of what else you've said here.

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Thanks man,

I did not know about the fact that he defended Poornima. That was a tough one hey! I lost a lot of good friends because of her as they were not ready to hear the message at the time.

Please drop a link to the post you did on her. Would like to have a look.

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Can not loose something you really never had. I say fuckem. Seriously, once informed to the level of “the pieces of this puzzle are at recognizable image”, we become birds of a feather.

Next step, saddle up and take back what has been gamed, stolen and coerced by law(taxes).

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For documenation re: your question to Bill above see 2 of Bill's Wagh articles here:

> Aug 30, 2022 - The Sad Tale of Poornima Wagh - Arguably, this was 5 months in the making. I wish this was unnecessary. - Bill Huston


[clip] Wow 😲🤷‍♂️ Just published: Eric Francis Coppolino's takedown of Poornima Wagh, performed with the skill, precision, and grace of a Master Samurai:


> Aug 31, 2022 - Poornima Wagh is an Imposter - The Charade is OVER - Bill Huston https://apocalypticyoga.substack.com/p/poornima-wagh-is-a-fraud

BTW Eric's article Charlatan's Web (linked by Bill in that first linked article of his above) is the first comprehensive & damning investigation I read re: the Poornima Wagh scandal.

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I am not sure about zeolites being bad (or some of them at least).

I have been extremely sick my whole life, certainly in part due to mercury poisoning (vaccines + mercury fillings) and have tried a LOT of remedies, many of which were bogus but some of which have been very effective and powerful (ex: Raw Primal diet).

I have been using a zeolite called 'Advanced TRS' for a few years and it DEFINITIVELY had a huge impact on me. It caused a lot of detox symptoms, but also brought some huge health changes, like improved mental clarity, reduced pain, improved eyesight and being able to dream for the first time in 30 years. That being said, I am still progressing in healing and hope to be well in a couple of years (Raw Primal is certainly helping immensely, as well as cold showers, Parts Work meditation, getting lots of sun and fresh air, etc.)

Anyhow, some bogus things worth mentioning:

- Miracle Mineral Solution (chlorine dioxide)

- drinking saturated salt water in the morning

- juice feasting

- Master Cleanse (lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup)

- coffee enemas, enemas (Raw Primal explains how this is bad and unnecessary)


- zapper

Thanks for exposing a lot of these charlatans :)

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Thank you for the comment Christophe,

Someone explained that there are two forms of Zeolite. One is a natural and one is not which is called nano zeolite. I promised myself to do more research after writing this post and someone pointing it out but I have not had the time to get to it yet. I am glad you managed to find it helpful. I just try and give people information to make information decisions.

Thank you also for your list! I can agree with most but some I do not know about. I prefer to eat a healthy diet and think it is imperative to drink clean water. I moved to the country where there is a natural spring, upstream of any farming or mining or communities and that is the only water I drink. Same for the water you shower in but obviously the list of things to do is long enough to write a while separate post about. The best summary is probably David and Dawn's book - https://www.amazon.com/What-Really-Makes-You-Ill/dp/1673104037

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Regarding zeolite, from what I understand of the promotional material, the natural form of zeolite is not useful because it binds mercury and other heavy metals so tightly that unbinding it (so that it can be used to target heavy metals in your body) would destroy the zeolite, hence why it must be lab-made.

I have tried many protocols over the years and have developed a fairly good internal sense which tells me that the zeolite I am taking is having a huge positive impact, but maybe I am wrong.

One thing about shills though is that they always try to control and redirect all things, so they always jump onto anything popular, especially the things that are true. That some shills are pushing some (likely garbage) zeolite doesn't necessarily mean that all zeolite products are crap.

Similarly, Peterson and Joe Rogan are sometimes talking about the carnivore diet, since it is so powerful and popular, but they NEVER talk about the Raw Primal diet (ie: mainly carnivore but raw or fermented) nor about Aajonus Vonderplanitz, who like you was debunking germ theory. He not only disproves viruses, but also shows how microbes are actually beneficial, which is very significant.

I looked at the table of contents of the book you suggest, and I would really encourage you to look at Vonderplanitz' "The Recipe for Living Without Disease". IMO he not only talks about the same issues (ie: EMF, heavy metals, artificial fats, etc.) but also offers extremely powerful SOLUTIONS, all of which are natural and home-made.

His books were available for free online until recently (taken down by creeps), but you can find a link to them on the French 'Soren Primal' YouTube channel video descriptions for now. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SABGC7OBz-Nl5v4T9Av2l4QGQiaY24P5

Parts Work (sfhelp.org) is hugely powerful as well as a counter to trauma-based mind control, which everyone suffers from in our society. It undoes the divide-and-conquer that operates in your subconscious mind...

I would be very interested in you making a post of the best health solutions you have found to date - IMO solutions are what matters the most! :)

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Please explain how your anecdotal zeolite experience is great, but others using chlorine dioxide, juice fasts, cleanses or enemas are "bogus".

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Christophe - Thanks for mention of Raw Primal diet above as I'm looking up info on it again. Do you have specific book{s) or website recommendations & how is a primal diet different from the primal raw/paleo (or paleo) diet as they're similar but maybe not the same thing??

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The following website was down before, but happily it is back online (lots of efforts have been made to take it down): aajonus.online

Download the torrent for the site to get all his books (the videos are heavier and can be skipped if you are low on space). The key book to read is 'The Recipe for Living Without Disease'.

The transcripts of his many sessions are very worthwhile as well. That site lets you search them, so if you have some particular issue you can search for his advice on many topics. It's also worth it for extra details on his protocols from the book, like how the long hot baths he suggests can be made easier by using an ice pack on your forehead while in the bath (mercury poisoning can make the heat hard to bear otherwise).

I'm happy you are motivated to check Aajonus' Raw Primal system - it has had an immense impact on my health so I hope it will be very good for you as well! :)

Looking briefly at the raw paleo diet, it looks like it would be better than cooked paleo, and better than mainstream alternatives, but still inferior to Raw Primal (ex: I don't think cooked veggies are truly desirable, especially starch, as eating very low fiber and no starch has many advantages, not least of which is that you no longer burn in the sun, which feels fabulous). Raw Primal seems way more focused on effective detox as well...

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If you don't mind my asking, what is it about DMSO that you find bogus?

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IMO, what makes a remedy truly 'legit' is when it has an IMMENSE, undeniable and lasting impact on your health and well-being, whereas the bogus remedies have plenty of reasons why you would think they work when in fact there is barely any impact, especially long-term.

Sometimes you can feel something at the beginning, but it turns out to be more of a false-positive, like when you switch from one bad diet to another.

I should have included all packaged / processed vitamins in that list of bogus remedies (even liposomal vitamin C), with DMSO being this supposed miracle adjuvant for getting the prized vitamins into your body.

So I guess the short of it is that I did not feel any significant, long-term, sustainable, immense, life-changing benefits from DMSO. Looking at the creeps pushing DMSO, none of them really look particularly healthy. It is, once more, a bunch of effort and expense that ends up making a <5% difference in the end. Certainly I have not seen any convincing testimonials of life-changing benefits either.

As an aside, liposomal vitamin C is an interesting example as well: it made a huge difference in my ability to process sugar when I was eating lots of starch and sweet fruit (ex: vastly improved recovery from physical effort, more energy, etc.), but in the end it is a million times less beneficial than switching to the Raw Primal diet (or even just the plain old carnivore diet), at which point the liposomal vitamin C has no impact anymore, because your body is not meant to run on sugar like that... :)

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Something I just remembered that you might find interesting, or not....

A few years ago my elderly mother whom I was caring for was in the hospital, (which is another long horror story), and I finally just took her home against medical advice, and started treating her with what many would consider massive amounts of vit c. I was giving her a total of about 36 grams per day, a combination of sodium ascorbate and lypo C, with on average about 4 to 5 grams of it being the liposomal C. When I brought her home she couldn't even pick up a fork or spoon to feed herself, had very slow cognitive function, and she was already previously bedridden. Several years prior she had a UTI, she was told, and was given flouroquinoline. I was not back living in the state at the time so didn't even know about this or I would've stopped her right then and there. As it was, she took the first dose and by the next day had symptoms. Her achilles tendon was already showing problems and she was getting blood spots all up and down both legs, looking like hemorrhaging under the skin. She called her dr who said he didn't see a problem but she could stop taking it. Wow. She was already well past the age where it was contraindicated as well as other factors she had that should've rendered the use of this drug a resounding no. Fast forward....through the years various doctors looked at her legs and said they had no clue what it was but that it probably would never go away, and for many years it didn't, until.........yes, until the 36 grams of daily C. I hadn't even been paying attention to her legs because I never expected anything to change there. Imagine my surprise when suddenly I realized she had no spots! I was literally flabbergasted until I realized that of course I should've done that years earlier. C, among so many other efffects, directly contributes to the health of the vascular system. There's no way that I know of that I'd have gotten those results using food sources. As well, her cognitive function improved within 2 to 4 weeks to the point of surpassing her previous level. She was back to guessing the answers to Wheel of Fortune before the contestants did/ Oh how I wish I'd have used my knowledge sooner. Often I just forget, which is annoying.

Sorry to ramble on, but since this was related to the conversation on C I thought I would share this.

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One other thing I might mention is that over the last 15 years or so I slowly came to realize that, more than any other thing, my thoughts directly affect my health negatively or positively. The negative thoughts have an immediate, almost even faster than instantaneously at this point, effect. It would be a long post if I went into enough detail to describe how and why I know this in myself, but suffice it to say I get instant feedback and I usually have no clue I'm even thinking something. The subconscious is quite helpful, indeed life sustaining, but also can be a sneaky saboteur. I guess we can see this at play in this latest debacle as well, in that people were surely ill because they thought they would be, or more severely ill than otherwise would have been.

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Thank you for the reply.

I would agree that for anything to be really beneficial it needs to confer a long lasting i.e. permanent improvement, but this would also be linked to any needed changes in lifestyle and environment in order to determine a long term benefit.

I also agree on the packaged vitamins. I do not agree on liposomal C however, but that comes with a big disclaimer on what liposomal C it is. A whole host of companies have jumped on that bandwagon and almost everyone is not true liposomal C. The first one I noticed was Dr Mercola's. Long long ago I read his articles, and started seeing so much wrong information and then happened across his supplements, the C in particular, and that's when the final straw was reached, he is a fraud and now with the whole virus subject it's painfully clear. Liposomal C can have permanent benefits, but again must accompany good habits. If one continues to eat junk and live a toxic life then it will be needed on a regular basis. No different than how water is needed daily. C is a necessity for life, albeit chemical C is obviously different than natural C in healthy foods. One has to remember though that most foods, even or maybe especially, organic labeled foods and produce simply are not what they were 200 years ago. With the toxicity and stresses (toxins are a stress) today the stream of antioxidants needed is quite different than previously. These are my opinions and experiences as well as my research. I do weigh my experiences more heavily than any research, however. At 70 I have had ample years to do quite a lot of experimenting. Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes. It's all relevant. And yes, I also agree on the importance of diet, but have also learned that there is no one diet fits all due to individuals' levels of toxicity, environment, expectations, and the like and while healing different diets may be beneficial for a time and as healing occurs a new diet may be helpful. Ideally, a purely natural foods diet, fresh from the stalks/vines/bush is best, but is not practical for many, if not most.

Per the liposomal C, I will say that it saved a grandchild of mine a few years ago who had a very serious acute poisoning from a dangerously toxic product. The damage was rapidly apparent, staggering, head banging, constant crying, and more. I used large amounts of Lypo C, NAC, and a few other supplements. This child couldn't speak clearly for a couple of weeks, it was that bad. Sounded like Chinese. However, the acute symptoms resolved quickly, and over the next two weeks everything else was clearing up. It's use, as well as IV Sodium Ascorbate, cannot be underestimated for life saving uses. Unfortunately there just is not way in these cases to get enough from food sources or even food sourced supplements. That is, again, my experience and my opinion.

Yes, sugar is actually far more dangerous than most other substances people regularly consume.

I have not ever used DMSO, but would if the need actually arose. Do you consider Amandha Vollmer a creep? I have not specifically watched her videos and read her articles more than a couple of times but have listened to her while on other conversations with Cowan, Kaufman, etc.

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I used to make my very own high quality liposomal vitamin C, and incidentally I also noticed Dr Mercola back then trying to jump on the bandwagon selling garbage liposomal C that didn't even have any water in it. So I made and consumed my own lipo-C for a few years and like you noticed the huge impact it had on me, so I used to be a believer as well.

My point however is that Raw Primal is a million times better than liposomal vitamin C for energy and wellbeing as well as for detox and healing from chronic illness, and once you switch to a low carb carnivore diet, the benefits you used to get from liposomal vitamin C disappear, since it seems like we are not made to run off of sugar and don't need that much C when in ketosis.

Regarding testimonials, although your liposomal C successes are very good, IMO they pale in comparison to carnivore and Raw Primal testimonials - you can search YouTube or read Vonderplanitz' books to find plenty and can experiment easily yourself as well - in just a few days and weeks you will certainly know...

Amandha Vollmer looks unhealthy to me and her thoughts and actions go nowhere original or counter to the system. Furthermore, she has a direct monetary reason for promoting the stuff she promotes, so I am not convinced by her at all. Where are the testimonials of people whose life was transformed by her DMSO protocols? I tried a few DMSO protocols years before seeing Amandha push her thing and didn't get much of anything from them.

Oh, another extremely effective health remedy worth trying out is Rick Simpson Oil (DMSO + Rick Simpson Oil was pretty neat). :)

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Yes, I too made my own "liposomal C" when I was using so much for my mother. However, upon close scrutiny and research I realized that what I had was really an emulsion, and while good it was not liposomal C by any means, contrary to a lot of people that like to say it is and promote the process.

I have read Vonderplanitz and have some of his books. My mother was in no way able to have a true carnivore diet and honestly I see no way possible that would have healed her hematomas or whatever they were. Her legs were literally covered for years. Still, I have been on a very high protein low carb diet before. I did feel quite good for a long time. Something changed. And now, years later, I no longer have the means nor resources to do it properly and I really don't feel the need, at least for my general health level, as I feel good overall and have always had plenty of energy, to the chagrin of those around me......

I personally felt a bit "put off"(?) by Amandha but thinking I was just being judgmental in my old age I brushed it off, and, as I mentioned, I never really watched her videos unless she was included in one with Cowan, etc.

What are your thoughts, if any, on turpentine? The protocols seem easy enough and with excellent results when done properly. The extensive list in the Merck Manual back in the late 1800s for turpentine uses in illness is impressive. Of course that has since been changed.

Yes, I am familiar with Rick Simpson oil as well.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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I can't be 100% sure that my own lipo-C was truly liposomal, but I was making it using a high quality ultrasonic cleaner and carefully sourced ingredients (it was not easy to find lecithin that worked well). The impact on my energy, which was incomparable to the raw ingredients when not lipo'd, convinced me I was doing something right, but I can't say for sure.

However, there is no doubt that a lot of toxicity is present in this world (heavy metals, petrochemicals, etc.). Due to their effects, the body stops working right and some important molecules will be in low supply or crippled. The perverse modern medicinal approach is to offer you the ability to boost the concentration of these molecules artificially, as if this were healthy.

The most absurd example of this is steroids. Unhealthy men will have low testosterone, but taking artificial T is terrible for mental and physical health and does nothing about the root of the problem.

IMO, DMSO is similar, in that its proponents try to make you think that you need artificial boosts of various vitamins to be well. I think the same can easily be said for liposomal vitamin C, as there is no way our bodies are designed to function mainly off sugar, nor is there any way that prehistoric man had any means of boosting his C levels like that.

Theory aside, when taking lipo-C I felt that my metabolism was boosted, but I did not feel like my health was greatly improving, feeling especially flat as soon as the lipo-C would run its course. It really was nothing like what I've been feeling with carnivore and especially raw carnivore, hence why my feelings changed about it.

Looking at Amandha again, one thing to say about her is that she has no solutions to offer other than her money making scheme. Like all the system trolls, she expounds for ever about the problems but has no serious inkling regarding practical solutions. We need to share winning solutions, like real healing, and focus on the core of the problem in society, like healing the victims of generational satanism / MKULTRA rather than hating them (hate the machine, not its victims).

I tried turpentine and forgot to include it in my list of bad protocols, thanks for the reminder!!

I think Vonderplanitz has it perfectly right when he explains how microbes are symbiotic and helpful. They clean up dying tissue, so they are never the problem in our body and any and all techniques that seek to destroy them in our bodies (ex: antibiotics) are satanic techniques that aim to stop your body from healing. Turpentine is the same IMO: they claim it will kill or drive out the candida in your body, which is not a good thing!! :>

Anyhow, I tried the turpentine soaked sugar cubes when I was sick with a severe candida infection and it did me no good at all.

You are very open minded Mr. Country! I am very impressed. I hope you try Raw Primal again - for me it is very cheap to buy cheap cuts of meat and raw beef fat, which I eat together for very cheap meals (I add raw cheese and juiced kimchi, since I don't feel a problem with salt of that nature). Very best wishes my friend!! :)

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Turpentine! My grandmother would give me and my sibling a spoon full with sugar when we were younger. She said to clean us for worms! I had forgotten this , until recently. You are the first I have every heard even mention it. People I relayed that to thought she was trying to “kill” us. L will follow your thoughts on this, and research.

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I find her very credible!

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Another well-written article here! I think that the best way to get vitamin D is to simply go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Regarding fake vitamin C, ascorbic acid, I believe this is a Pfizer thing. Citric acid stopped being made from natural citrus a long time ago! Most supplement companies use the Pfizer-patented method of creating synthetic citric acid that is found in Vitamin C, Magnesium Citrate, and other ‘helpful’ supplements. When I first read the methods for creating it, I believe it was from Daniel Roytas, I kind of laughed. Why not just skip all of the extra steps and just eat/ drink the citrus directly instead of using the juice and doing a bunch of weird experiments with it?? Reminds me of the isolation methods used to prove a virus exists :)

Here are some links regarding the Pfizer/ citric acid thing...




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Hi Kirsten,

Thank you for the links. I will go through them and add to the article where required :-)

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Apr 30, 2023Liked by dpl

Dr Kaufman sells a zeolite product. What are your thoughts about that? Genuinely curious.

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Hi Rocky,

I have seen this and although I am not real fond of his promotion of things that people find difficult to explain the Zeolite he promotes is apparently "natural" - https://twitter.com/3dom13/status/1642006106368102401

I have not had the time to dig into this yet. I am much more interested in the silica rich water promoted by Chris Exley which seems to do the same thing. I would need a lot more time on this subject to give an informed opinion.

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May 1, 2023Liked by dpl

Thank you dpl :) I am looking into it more as well.

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I’m new to your Substack. You make some very fine points. However, I think it’s strange, hypocritical, and incongruous that so much of your argument in a couple of articles I’ve read highlights the supposedly “good” doctors as charlatans because they’re promoting some kind of vitamin or zeolite product. (Certainly, the selling of vitamins and other products appears to be the new business model among the Freedom Movement doctors. They would seem more honest IMO if they weren’t selling anything; or if they were promoting a particular product at least state that they were not financially benefiting.) Yet, your credibility has been somewhat undermined in my eyes for not scrutinizing all doctors equally - you’ve taken exception with Dr. Kaufman because the kind of zeolite he sells is supposedly “natural”.

Hmm 🤔!

Surely you know, in your research of vitamins and other nutraceuticals, that there are only a few source producers. Meaning that most of the vitamin D, ascorbic acid, ZEOLITE, etc. on the market is the same but for the type of grade it is. Yet the public is given to believe that the various zeolites are all different because of their different labels. I question why, as a supposed truth-teller, you’ve neglected to make mention of this fact? Dr. Kaufman’s zeolite may actually be the same as that of the other gentleman you criticize for promoting it. (“There is no bacteria” fame).

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The people I have added to my list and who I've written about is already a full time job. These people were added because they are the most obvious and they do tremendous damage with the horse shit they promote. Kaufman does a lot more good than these gatekeepers although I've gone after Kaufman myself for his promotion of Ivermectin to the point where I was criticized by some of the other no virus high flyers.

I'm not sure what exactly you're going on about. If you'd write an article when you've gone after Kaufman for his promotion of substances you don't agree with I will be more than happy to promote it if you've detailed it well enough.

In the meanwhile I'd be doing whatever I'd like to do with me free time for which I've never charged anyone a dime thank you.

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No one is above scrutiny, even the scrutinizers. My words & points were plain enough for you to understand as you are intelligent and perceptive and are on a crusade to expose the UN-truthtellers.

Continue in your work as there is great value in helping the public to understand those who are compromised or not working necessarily in the best interest of We the People. I merely express an opinion and point out a weakness in your expositions which betray a strong bias rather than real objectivity.

And I can’t say that your presentation of evidence necessarily substantiates your claims. Case in point is the link you provided in one of the two articles I read which supposedly proved the toxicity of Ivermectin. The video was insulting at worst and condescending at best. Not a lot of hard facts - more anecdotes along with clichè jokes about “horse paste” accompanied by neighing vocal effects throughout. Surely there are better videos out there to support your thesis? The choice of this film on your part was weak and thus undermined the credibility of your argument about Ivermectin. Sorry, I cannot curry your favor like other commenters herein.

“Methinks” that when you show as much humble appreciation for constructive criticism as you do of praise & recognition, then you will truly be a server of your fellow man in this great battle we’re fighting.

Have you composed a list of those you deem to be free of puppet strings - who are not Con-Ops? If so, please provide a link to the article or list. Thank you. 🙏

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You first comment was about zeolite and vitamins and my lack of criticism towards Kaufman for this (if I understood it correctly).

Now you go on about Ivermectin and the lack of good info on it.

I'll say it again because it doesn't seem like I made it clear the first time. What I do in these articles is on my free time after working hours and I don't charge a dime for it. When I do get a chance I update these articles like I've done specifically for Ivermectin as well to show the great work that was presented by Tim Truth.

I can take criticism but there is a fine line between criticism and trolling to try and discredit someone...

Perhaps if you're more specific in your comments it might seem less like trolling because you seem to be all over the place.

I do not promote any heroes because people can be bought. I have a lot of respect for the work that was done by the perth group and some great chaps I am working with is Jamie, Discern, and moonmaidan.

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Grow up. We need mature fighters who can set aside their sense of Ego.

I’m a troll because I speak what I honestly see in your work? The accusation you make against me are trite and hackneyed. It seems that is the convenient default these days when SS writers don’t like what their commenters have to say.

Good luck. I won’t be subscribing to your account. Your emotional, accusatory reaction to my views indicates a great deal of pride. Fine - continues as you have been.

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I will say from experience that quality zeolite does work.

Kaufman promotes the products he truly believes will help people, and there is much evidence to support these products. That said not everything is right for everyone at every time.

A very good product is one Dr Cowan has in his shop but also you can purchase directly and that is the Sea Plasma water. Look into it. I'm not sure if Kaufman also carries it or not.

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I really love sea plasma personally aka Quinton

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Jul 16, 2023Liked by dpl

Vitamin D is code word for Vitamin Death. Its all synthetic Poison. Dr. Peter Theil in below article debunked the vitamin scam decades ago


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Thanks for the link man. I'll definitely take a look.

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Apr 30, 2023Liked by dpl

Thanks DPL for this great work.

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"I want to make two things clear upfront, first, that I do not advocate for the taking of any supplements or preventive medicines. Whether they are nanoparticle free or not. I think the entire industry of supplements and preventive medicine is based on fraudulent science and the path to health does not require the consumption of any of these things."

So why aren't Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan and Amandha Vollmer included as sellers of snakeoil? All three of them profit from selling supplements.

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All in good time Sarah

I'm only 1 person and I don't have all the time in the world.

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Fair enough, i know you're a busy man and i appreciate all you do.

There doesn't appear to be many people on the 'frontline' that remain honest and have integrity ... for myself, you still stand as one who does and i thank you for that.

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Physican, heal thyself….

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Let’s add



Amino Acids (including Melatonin , Tryptophan)


Xylitol, Erythritol

Ultra Processed “foods” I.e processing aids and fillers


Most Isolated Minerals

We see a lot of these ingredients in “natural” products and supplements

Personally when I think of supplements I think of Herbal Medicine (TCM, Ayurveda, western herbalism), sea plasma (plus natural whole salts) superfoods (basically herb and food concentrates) in whole and extracted form (organic alcohol and hot water extracts), possibly homeopathy, and essential oils and they resonate and predate western “better living through chemistry” petro chemical junk.

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Hahahahahaha……same as Malone, but he is paid for his lunacy!

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We will get there man. One step at a time 💪💪

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Keep a clear head, always - the darker the lows the brighter the highs!

16Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. 17But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; 18And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. 19But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. 20For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. Matt 10, 16-20

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Goddek is a stupid grifter with an inflated ego.

He lives is Brazil and takes synthetic vit D :))))) shows you how "much" someone with a phd in biothech understands.

At the beginning of the Covid scam I tried to tickle his curiosity about secosteriod hormon D and suggest some research directions but he would've take it. Oh well, couldn't care more.

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I sent him a link to this article on twitter. He tagged his buddy and then 2 days later I was blocked 🤣😂

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Wow, that's very genius of you!

You know, I would not even try to help/educate these kind of characters, I left him where he was taking the synthetic shit.

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Glad I have found this stack; it looks completely compatible with my findings, and the two complement each other. I am spreading the news:


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Just goes to show how our hormones are being unbalanced by our modern industrial civilization. Among other things. If full spectrum dominance is achieved via artificial emr covering every inch of the planet, it will be much worse, if not the end. The more I think things over, it seems to me the end game is a complete re-engineering of life to suit those at the top. Poison & destroy at one end, in order to re-engineer at the other end. Humans caught in the middle.

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SAME here, the only difference being - as of my impression - that the "re-engeneering" is certainly not directional at the whims of THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN but rather "random" according to GOD ALMIGHTY'S WISDOM MIGHT GRACE AND PURPOSE!

Every faction of THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN believing to be its own master/saving humanity, while in REALITY being the involuntary/inadvertent - blinded by its PRIDE - SERVANTS TO GOD ALMIGHTY! Exactly as prophesied in The book of Revelation.

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Why are hospitals still pushing vitamin K shots for newborns?

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Because there is big money in sick people.

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I recently read a book by a guy named grant genereaux who believes vitamin A is poison. Interesting theory on why.

Titled Poisoning for Profits.

I got curious because I used some retinol products on my face and got a skin cancer. When I tried to link the retinol to the skin cancer my dermatologist laughed. I still believe I could be right.

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