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Interesting info from Dr Cowan...

Dr Tom Cowan Dec 2022 Webinar - Vitamin D: Friend or Foe?

Webinar Video Link (remove spaces):

* bit chute .com/video/Cpv1XrGHXBB1

Most of the webinar features Dr Cowan reviewing various Vitamin D studies. Selected points from the webinar:

* 21:37 - We are not actually dealing with a vitamin. D3 is a steroid hormone like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and prednisone are called steroid hormones because they are metabolites of cholesterol

* 23:30 - People have a reduction in their symptoms of detoxification or inflammation when you give them a steroid hormone while making the overall situation worse. The inflammation is occurring to help heal the underlying issue, but the steroid hormones stop the process

* 31:50 - All the randomized control trials featuring Vitamin D supplementation are yielding very disappointing results, sometimes worsening

* 41:33 - The processing of vitamin D in the skin has evolved in a way that protects against potential toxicity. In contrast, oral vitamin D has only been a strategy for the last ~100 years and there is no protective adaptation

* 42:50 - Oral supplementation with D3 is associated with many health problems, but not associated if we get our vitamin D from the sun or by the fat of animals who themselves have been exposed to sunlight throughout their lives

* 44:05 - Sun exposure definitely is associated with decreased all-cause mortality, something that has never been found with D3 supplements


* 52:43 - Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone made from cholesterol in the skin exposed to UVB light

* 53:31 - Natural production results in multiple metabolites of Vitamin D that are health-giving & life supporting

* 53:32 - Sun exposure is the only way humans are meant to restore their supplies of this very important hormone, with the exception of in the winter eating the fat of animals that have spent their lives in the sun and have stored Vitamin D

* 54:25 - There are essentially no benefits and a lot of toxicity from supplementation. A lot of the increase in modern illnesses may be somewhat related to increasing D3 supplementation

* 54:50 - I don't see any reason to take any Vitamin D3 in any food supplement, pill, decoction, liquid, etc

* 55:14 - The only healthful ways to get Vitamin D are through mid-day sun exposure or eating the fat of animals that themselves have spent their lives in the sun

* 55:38 - For those that live in northern climates in the winter without access to UVB light from the sun, use a UVB lamp/lightbox

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Great post, DPL. Yeah, I hear you w/r/t to "vitamins". A large percentage of these are slaughterhouse products. "Vitamin D" (the chemical supplement) is extremely toxic, at 37 mg/kg. Not quite as bad as Arsenic, Strychnine, Cyanide, or Ivermectin, but close.

My only other comment is about Fakologist. I like a lot of what he's done, but he defended Poornima Wagh, after we exposed her as a fraud. He cited my Substack post about her, and questioned our motives and said we were "shooting the messenger".

Largely agree with much of what else you've said here.

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I am not sure about zeolites being bad (or some of them at least).

I have been extremely sick my whole life, certainly in part due to mercury poisoning (vaccines + mercury fillings) and have tried a LOT of remedies, many of which were bogus but some of which have been very effective and powerful (ex: Raw Primal diet).

I have been using a zeolite called 'Advanced TRS' for a few years and it DEFINITIVELY had a huge impact on me. It caused a lot of detox symptoms, but also brought some huge health changes, like improved mental clarity, reduced pain, improved eyesight and being able to dream for the first time in 30 years. That being said, I am still progressing in healing and hope to be well in a couple of years (Raw Primal is certainly helping immensely, as well as cold showers, Parts Work meditation, getting lots of sun and fresh air, etc.)

Anyhow, some bogus things worth mentioning:

- Miracle Mineral Solution (chlorine dioxide)

- drinking saturated salt water in the morning

- juice feasting

- Master Cleanse (lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup)

- coffee enemas, enemas (Raw Primal explains how this is bad and unnecessary)


- zapper

Thanks for exposing a lot of these charlatans :)

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Another well-written article here! I think that the best way to get vitamin D is to simply go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Regarding fake vitamin C, ascorbic acid, I believe this is a Pfizer thing. Citric acid stopped being made from natural citrus a long time ago! Most supplement companies use the Pfizer-patented method of creating synthetic citric acid that is found in Vitamin C, Magnesium Citrate, and other ‘helpful’ supplements. When I first read the methods for creating it, I believe it was from Daniel Roytas, I kind of laughed. Why not just skip all of the extra steps and just eat/ drink the citrus directly instead of using the juice and doing a bunch of weird experiments with it?? Reminds me of the isolation methods used to prove a virus exists :)

Here are some links regarding the Pfizer/ citric acid thing...




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Vitamin D is code word for Vitamin Death. Its all synthetic Poison. Dr. Peter Theil in below article debunked the vitamin scam decades ago


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Dr Kaufman sells a zeolite product. What are your thoughts about that? Genuinely curious.

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Thanks DPL for this great work.

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Just goes to show how our hormones are being unbalanced by our modern industrial civilization. Among other things. If full spectrum dominance is achieved via artificial emr covering every inch of the planet, it will be much worse, if not the end. The more I think things over, it seems to me the end game is a complete re-engineering of life to suit those at the top. Poison & destroy at one end, in order to re-engineer at the other end. Humans caught in the middle.

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Clear this is Big Pharma disinformation. Decades ago they claimed vitamin D was very dangerous above TINY amounts.

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