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History of Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos by Anthony Brink

History of Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos by Anthony Brink

Anthony discuss the history of Eleni and the brilliant work that she did over the years

We catch up with Anthony to discuss the brilliance of Eleni who started off the No Virus movement (listen to the podcast for more information). She mentored a lot of people on the subject and that even included Stefan Lanka who recently honored her for the work that she has done in laying the foundation of this movement (see the below video).

Relevant links:

Perhaps some of the best No Virus material on the internet is Eleni’s breakdown of the two 1997 papers:

Eleni’s breakdown of the papers can be seen in the below video (or refer to this thread here).

More work by the Perth Group can be seen below:

The redox theory of cellular function

Papers and letters published in scientific journals

Papers published in Continuum magazine

Papers published in the popular press

Papers and letters rejected by editors of scientific journals

Additional links:

  • See another one of Eleni’s interviews commented by Misha here

  • See more on Val Turner here (from houseofnumbers)

  • More on John Papadimitriou here, here and here (from The University of Western Australia website here)

  • See Anthony Brink’s website here

  • See Rod Knoll’s information here

We thank the Perth group for their contribution to the No Virus movement. Their efforts to bring out the truth will not be forgotten.

dpl’s Newsletter
dpl News Letter
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