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Chatting Gatekeepers with Robin Stebbins

Chatting Gatekeepers with Robin Stebbins

The impact gatekeepers have on our reality and how we can learn to recognize them.

“For all those who are going to complain about bad audio, it’s best you skip this one because my signal was very bad. We had a rainstorm during this interview.”


I am convinced that the biggest impact on consciousness is the manipulation of reality through the control of the information we receive. The lies regarding the existence of viruses and how these lies impact the way we try achieving optimum health is a great example of this, but it is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Everything we are, what we do, and what we become is controlled through what information we are exposed to during our lifetime. Those who control the information centers, have a very tight grasp on our reality. They are able to rule the masses simply through advertising and propaganda they stream through these information centers.

Through their advertising and propaganda, they establish not only fear but also, on a more subconscious level, they plant ideas in our mind. Ideas, which after enough repetition, we start to feel are our own and a normal way of life. The best example of this is probably the fact that everyone thinks war is normal and inevitable.

Some other ideas I consider to have been normalized through advertising and propaganda, and which I have tried to cover in my writing are:

  • People in the medical truth movement perpetuating the virus lie even though there is no evidence to substantiate the existence of viruses.

  • People knowingly or unknowingly advertising poisonous substances to others. This includes:

    • Ivermectin

    • HCQ

    • Vitamin D

    • Nano silver

    • And all other petrochemicals, supplements or synthetic vitamins.

  • If you have been following the information I have posted about, then you will already know by now that something else I do not consider to be normal is the failure by the current “health freedom” movement to give proper credit and attention to the unbelievable work that was compiled by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and the Perth group. Further, and perhaps even less acknowledged, was the civil war that raged during the AIDS dissident movement. A movement which would not have gotten off the ground without Eleni's work on HIV. The people who undoubtedly did the most damage to that movement were David Crowe, Kary Mullis and Peter Duesberg. The damage these people did, which ultimately led to the destruction of the AIDS dissident movement, was documented by Anthony Brink. To give you some idea, below are some of the things Eleni said regarding these characters and their actions (refer to RA (tig.org.za)):

  • 'What your actions have in common is they are directed against the Perth Group.' The Perth Group to Crowe, 3 December 2008

  • 'The focus on AIDS is in South Africa and Anthony knows more about this and the drugs used there than anybody else. … What stands out about Anthony is that although he is not a scientist he has extensive scientific knowledge. ... As a result of his training, intellect, interest, hard work and burning desire to help his people Anthony was able, more than anybody else, to see the harm that Crowe has done to the dissident movement. Without any effort to find out the facts or even to read the summaries put in front of them in The Perth Group Response To David Crowe Re The Parenzee Hearing document, Celia and others, including the RA Board of Directors, expressed full support for Crowe's interference in the Parenzee case.' The Perth Group: public statement dissociating from Crowe's Rethinking AIDS group, September 2009

  • 'There is no doubt that Crowe has done a lot of harm to the Perth Group. But the harm he has done us is insignificant compared to the harm he has done the dissident movement, to Peter himself and to those at risk of AIDS.' The Perth Group to the AIDS dissident community: 'Is the dissident science “highly questionable”, “embarrassing” and “damaging”?', September 2010

  • Crowe has destroyed the dissident movement, and you can quote me.' Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos to Brink, May 201116:14

There is nothing about the ideas listed above that is difficult to understand. Over the past year I have presented information on my substack covering all these issues and few have taken note of it.

The lack of acknowledgement the Perth Group’s work has received, in my view, was undoubtedly due to the infiltration and ultimate destruction of the AIDS dissident movement in 2011. The complete lack of attention the work of the Perth Group has received by the current no virus movement has been blatant until very recently.

What is even more staggering to me, is the fact that those who have finally come to acknowledge how unbelievably important the Perth Group's work is to our current movement are not interested in discovering why and how it became buried and forgotten. This is despite the fact that there are people who were witness to this destruction and who have amazing insight to share. People such as Anthony Brink, Rod Knol, Val Turner, John Papadimitriou, Stefan Lanka and many more, who are able to share information that can literally change our reality.

Also, on the topic of gatekeepers I would like to shed some more light on the great work being done by others. The below article describes some of their work.

Discussing the Gatekeepers - Others Doing Great Work

For more information on other people doing great work on the topic of gatekeepers refer to the below article.

Robin Stebbins

For more on Robin Stebbins see:

Robin will be bringing out a book on the gatekeepers in about 6 months from now. You can also join her telegram group below:

True Medicine

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