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Supplements - A Steadfast Scam

Supplements - A Steadfast Scam

This scam is perhaps an even tougher job to tackle than the Coivd19 Vaccine

The podcast is a text to speech of Agent’s article on vitamins titled: WTF! HOW "VITAMINS" ARE MADE: Trust Me, It's NOT What You Think...


This post is just a quick updated on the supplement scam in an attempt to summarize the available information on the topic.

As always, I encourage everyone to do their own research and not just blindly follow influencers. This is because any influencer you see on your screen could easily be a gatekeeper.

The most pushback we have received to date has come from the 5 Doc group of gatekeepers (all except Larry can be found in the GatekeeperClub, for now):

  • Christiane Northrup

  • Lee Merritt

  • Carry Madej

  • Sherri Tenpenny

  • Larry Poleski

Do not, however, be fooled into thinking that it’s only the information coming from these doc’s or so-called health freedom influencers to which the utmost discernment should be applied. Anyone pushing vitamins needs to be viewed with great skeptism.

Given how massive the market is for these poisons and how all encompassing this scam is, one would expect that everyone in the alternative media would be talking about it. This is not the case, however, rather there is an eerily and deathly silence that surrounds the topic.

Instead of hearing calls for all vitamins to be thrown out, we have heard some saying that the baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater. Think about that for a moment… what if the same was said about the vaccines. What if, instead of calling for the total scrapping of vaccinations, we said that the vaccine industry should still be allowed to operate because we never know when they might actually produce a safe and effective vaccination. Why is there this reluctance to let these poisons go?

I’ve recently updated the introduction of the GatekeeperClub article to include those who are peddling these poison because it is one of the legs of the true epidemic we are faced with. The updated introduction can be seen below:

I also find it important, before we jump into the list, to highlight, however controversial you might find it, that anyone who recommends Ivermectin or synthetic vitamin supplements are either useful idiots or gatekeepers. This might stop symptoms in the short term but once you better understand wellbeing you will realize that treating symptoms is not helping you at all, especially in the long run. There is no short cut to health.

The below links have a lot more information on the subject:

  • Tim Truth reviewed a number of studies to show the toxicity of Ivermectin (index of his work in this article). Also refer to an Odysee playlist here.

  • Also see Bill’s work on Ivermectin here and here.

  • The vitamin scam here with a recent update here.

  • A short list of these poisons include:

    • Ivermectin (the big one).

    • Methylene Blue.

    • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) and other so called “vitamins.”

    • Various nanoparticles whether on their own or added to supplements or preventive medicines (refer to this article).

The 5 Doc group of gatekeepers have doubled down on their critique of Agent’s articles. But I can promise you that their superficial nonsense is really not worth wasting a minute of your time on.

Instead of rebutting Agents work in good faith they opt for ad hominem attacks, appeal to authority and fail to provide a single on point rebuttal statement to any of the facts put forward by Agent in his articles. It is really a very poor attempt to undermine Agent’s well researched, thorough and detailed work on the subject.

Two recent videos can be seen below:

First is Christiane Northrup and Lee Merritt.

More recently Larry Poleski and Christiane Northrup also recorded a session critiquing Agent’s articles, again doing so without really saying anything of substance. Not once do they make a point of what precisely was incorrect or false about what was said by Agent in his articles. Instead, the high water mark of their arguments is that what Agent said could not possibly apply to all supplements, only some of them. Why they say this is not explained or how they know this, they also do not say. You simply have to believe them because, well muh doctors.

What are we missing?

We are clearly not missing any crucial evidence re vitamins, as is evident from the inability of these “doctors” to raise a single point of substance in response to Agents articles. So why is anyone giving these “doctors” so much leeway, letting them taint the health freedom message with this utter nonsense? What is it about vitamins and their gatekeeping promoters that people are not willing to let go of?

In a recent talk with

I explained precisely why it’s important to call out those who advertise poison while also talking on other important topics, like for instance the virus lie. Pushing posions while speaking about the fact that there is no virus, threatens to completely undermine all the progress that has been made in the last few years. It threatens to sink the entire ship. The full talk can be listened to here and the relevant snippet can be listened to below:


Also see the below video of how customer retention works for these massive corporations (the full documentary can be seen here). If you thought for one second that the same will not be attempted by these people within the pharmaceutical industry, you surely are naive.

Relevant Articles:

In conclusion I will leave you with some relevant memes:

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