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Control Experiment - An Update by Jamie Andrews

Jamie further explains the control experiment and address some questions.

We caught up with

for an update on the control experiments he has been overseeing in respect of the Virological Methods. The first round of these experiments was carried out in the second half of last year with some of the results thereof recently being made public.

In the interview, Jamie explains the results obtained from cell culture control experiments and provides further details regarding the Transmission Electron Micrographs (TEM) obtained from independent accredited Contract Research Organization (CRO). He also addressed some of criticism raised by the well-known twitter virologists (who seem to have more time than most people to traverse the twitterverse). Some of their comments can be seen below.

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Jamie also mentions that people are finding more and more studies that demonstrated CPE in uninoculated cultures.

recently published his findings on this in an article titled: Cytopathic Effects in Uninoculated Cultures.

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