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Germ Theory - HIV, the patchwork of testing.

Germ Theory - HIV, the patchwork of testing.

Twitter Space - 9 March 2024

We join Amy on part five of her twitter spaces. Some notes from the space:

  • Pamela shared the story of how her stepdaughter got a positive HIV test and how the weight of this diagnoses led to her suicide.

  • We were joined by Megan who made absolutely no sense.

  • A few others also joined trying to explain how people get infected, but no one was able to provide a study showing that a sick person can make a healthy person sick by means of natural pathways.

The previous spaces include:

  • Part one is what I consider the foundational assumption of virology, which is the unproven claim of contagion (refer to Part 1 here).

  • Part two is what virologist refer to isolation but anyone who study what they do would see it’s anything but isolation (refer to Part 2 here).

  • Part three is on the topic of Germ Theory - Biolabs & the Alleged Release of Viruses (refer to Part 3 here).

  • Part four is on the topic of Germ Theory - HIV, a Missing Wake Up Opportunity (refer to Part 4 here).

Some of the regular speakers included Pablo Cervantes, Pamela Everett Goodman, and Rod Knoll.

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