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No Virus Twitter Space - The Perth Group History Continued

No Virus Twitter Space - The Perth Group History Continued

18 August 2023 - Talking all things no Virus

I could not make this really interesting discussion last week Friday but luckily bitcoinbum recorded it. They furthered the discussion on controls for the “isolation” of viruses. Below is a breakdown of some of the speakers and their details if you want to know more about them.

1865 - Max Von Pettenkofer - professor of the first Institute of Hygiene,  at the University of Munich - Wiki Sanitarc.si


Bitcoinbum was the host of the space. For more information on here please check out her twitter account here. She puts out some of the best tweets in the movement (LMFAO).


Rod Knoll

Refer to Rod’s bio here. The below can be highlighted:

I have more than a quarter century of experience -and experiences- in the “AIDS” dissident movement. Since joining the “AIDS” dissident movement in 1995, I met most of the major American “AIDS” dissident scientists. I also met some international “AIDS” dissident scientists as well as many of my fellow veteran lay dissidents who were a part of the “AIDS” dissident movement. In addition to meeting dissidents, I also had phone conversations with many more dissenting scientists and lay dissidents.

My most extensive correspondence and my most significant education as a dissident was given to me by one of Dr. Stefan Lanka’s mentors, the late Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, leader of the Perth Group of “AIDS” dissident researchers 1

I am just a lay person and not a fellow scientist like Eleni and her most famous student, Dr. Stefan Lanka. Despite this, I was truly blessed by the fact that Eleni P-E graciously took time to educate me as well. In fact, I was fortunate to have learned everything I could from Eleni through countless phone calls I had with her over a period of many years! I will always treasure this priceless experience and all the lessons that Eleni freely bestowed upon me while I was learning from her over the phone over all those years.

Jamie Andrews

Jamie is the author of the failed-transmission thread as well as the article that broke down the Stefan Lanka court records to show that the court’s decision of ruling in favor of Lanka was based on the fact that a virus has never been adequately isolated. His twitter account and more of his work as follows:


I doubt that there has been someone that has joined more twitter spaces to convey the message of no virus and to highlight the dangers of preventative meds (Ivermectin, HCQ, ect) and synthetic vitamins than Pablo. Check him out on twitter here.

Kristen Welch

Kristen and Will discuss the Poornima Wagh circus during this twitter space. A very important discussion to take note of. Kristen also does a lot of other work and you can find her at the following links:

  • Kristen Welch Substack here.

  • Kristen’s twitter account here.

  • Kristen’s telegram group here.

William Huston

Will has done some great work exposing VPACs. He calls them virus pushers against clot shots (VPAC). There are few, if any at all, places on the web where you will find a more comprehensive list of names of people pushing the virus lie than on Will’s web page. His web page and some other links to his work as follows:

  • Virus Pushers Against Clotshots webpage here.

  • Will’s substack (Apocalyptic Yoga) here.

  • Will on Twitter here.

Consider joining the following telegram groups:

Moon Maiden Musings

Darkside Papers Chat


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