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Lee Merritt and the 5 Doc Gatekeepers

Have yourself some rat poison and make sure your level is high enough.

Note: I apologize in advance for swearing during this video (particularly between 32 and 34 minutes). I have been a bit under the weather and frankly I’ve had enough of these people shilling poisons to others.


The first substack article I wrote was on Lee Merritt and how she was gatekeeping with people like Judy Mikovits, Mikki Willis and David E Martin. You can review that article here. All these people and more have been discussed in the GatekeeperClub article.

The purpose of this article is to provide further evidence demonstrating how these gatekeepers operate. The video above is also broken down with more detail below. The video Lee Merritt released recently can be seen here.

Merritt Gatekeeping since 2022

In my first article on Lee Merritt, I demonstrated how she misdirects people in order to keep them from looking into important topics. The below videos explain the sequence of events and the notes I made at the time.

Here is a snippet from the interview Lee Merritt did with Thomas Cowan. This interview was aired in February 2022.

Here is a snippet from the interview Lee Merritt did with Martin and Courtenay. This interview was aired in April 2022.

My notes on Lee Merritt’s utter nonsense from the interview she did with Martin and Courtenay can be seen below:

I've uploaded this video not that you could learn some profound new concept that is normally to difficult to understand but rather to teach most, who does not see yet, how a gatekeeper argues. I really can't give a damn anymore who gets mad at this but I've had enough of the gatekeepers leading people down the wrong path. I know martin and courtenay. Two of the best chaps you will find. Courtenay is one of my best mates and when it comes to people cutting through the horse shit you will find no one better. Martin interviews Lee Merritt MD and what I want to show everyone is how she avoids the elephant in the room by diverting the conversation. The point that courtenay pushes through is that the topic is unbelievably simple and stops at "THERE IS NO VIRUS". No virus has even been isolated or proven to exist. Nothing else matters and everything this woman (Lee Merrit) says is simply to divert you from the truth.

Lets dissect the video:
- 1 sign of a gatekeeper is the words "I agree with you" followed by an explanation of the contrary. See also the video of Judy Mikovits where she used the same tactic.
- 2 Lee agrees with tenpenny (another gatekeeper) that they don't want to go down this path of "no viruses" because they see it as a distraction. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is nothing out there that cuts through the bullshit cleaner than realising there is no viruses. Something which is unbelievably easy to prove and research if you are not paid opposition, if i might add.
- 3 Having a hero named Luc Montagnier (the pioneer of the AIDS hoax) is another dead giveaway. No man in his right mind can do the research required to wake up from this germ theory lie and look up to Montagnier, a conniving little hair dying man that kicked off the AIDS hoax which can be seen as the start of what we are in currently. Also she mentions that "they still gave him the Nobel prize because they could not help it"... yet he accepted it and was part of this bullshit. It is very easy to see the gaps in someone's story if they are lying.
4 - The simplest way to take back control of the scientific and medical education is to teach people that there is no such thing as an infectious virus... there is no reason to muddy the waters beyond this point, accept if you are being paid to do so.
@04mis27sec coutenay blows her whole argument to pieces.
- @05:02 "it goes away... maybe" the utter horse shit after what Courtenay mentioned can easily be destroyed based on what we know to have been proven already [terrain reality] nothing that she says following coutenay's statements can be proven. And that include the DNA changing nonsense, something which has also never been proven to exist is the cgi represented horse shit portrayed in media.
- last but not least "parasites". Need i say more on the subject of terrain theory? Anyone that has done any research on on terrain theory know that parasites are like the firefighters at a burning building. They are as much to blame for the problem (the burning fire) than parasites are to blame being at the scene of the problem in someone's body. This is an MD talking with so much conviction on a topic that is actually very simple. She does not have her head up her arse... she is paid to mislead people.

The answer is very very simple. There is no such a thing as an infectious virus. Not one that has existed in our past, or our present or even an engineered virus or better yet an infectious bio weapon! Anyone carrying this message is either a useful idiot or a gatekeeper.

Breaking down Merritt’s latest propaganda piece

I dissect Merritt's latest video below.

Here is the link to Nutrition Detective’s tweet explaining some of the negative effects Vitamin D3 fortification has had in the past (link to tweet here).

Here is Jamie’s thread where someone thanked him for warning against the toxicity of Vitamin D3 (link to the thread here).

Here is Thomas Cowan talking about the immune system.

Here is the Safety Data Sheet for Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) intended for use in food and pharmaceuticals.

Here is the google search results for “Vitamin D rat poison”

Here is the same search on the Brave browser.

Other sources

If you are interested in seeing work on Vitamin D that shows how toxic it is, please refer to the following:

Video by Jamie Dlux

Video by Jamie Dlux [@jamiedlux] (link to video here). Most noteably is Jamies’s explanation of why we actually use mice to test drugs. This is to counter the utter nonsense that people come up with saying that just because it is toxic to mice does not mean it is toxic to humans.

Here are some other toxic substances sold by Lee Merritt. Carbon 60 was discussed in an article here.

And here is a whole host of other trash you can buy in her shop. For more on this see this article here.

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