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Talking Vitamin D with Medicine Girl

Talking Vitamin D with Medicine Girl

Robin Stebbins talks about the detrimental effects of Vitamin D with Kristen Welch and DPL

We catch up with Robin Stebbins (Medicine Girl) to talk about the detrimental effects of Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol). Robin was driven to find the truth about Vitamin D after her son sustained a bad break during a minor fall at a skate park. She mentions that as soon as it happened, she knew that it was due to the Vitamin D supplements he was taking…

For more on her story listen to the podcast. Robin Stebbins interviewed by Kristen Welch and DPL.

For more sources on the negative effect of Vitamin D see my article posted on 30 April 2023: The Casual Snake Oil Salesman - A Good Gatekeeper Tell

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