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Tokoloshe letter by Anthony Brink

Virology - A Pseudoscience Like No Other


Virus Isolation - Confusion is the Best Tool to Keep People from Truth


JJ Couey - "The No Virus Movement Defends Their Position Through Lying"

The Most Detailed Controls Ever Published

HIV - A Virus Like No Other

History of Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos by Anthony Brink

Debating AZT by Anthony Brink

A Review of Mullis by Rod Knoll

Jamie Discussing The PCR, Gene Sequencing and Genetics Fraud Article

The PCR, Gene Sequencing and Genetics Fraud.

The History of Rethinking AIDS,_Part 1 to Part 6.

Hacking at the Root of the Virus Issue

No Virus Twitter Space - Discussing DNA

No Virus Twitter Space - The Perth Group History Continued

A Follow-Up on Mike Yeadon

Discussing the Gatekeepers - Others Doing Great Work

The History of Rethinking AIDS

Interview - Courtenay & Stefan Lanka

Virology's Fraudulent Model EXPOSED: 'No Virus' Activists Join To Falsify Virus Theory

The Day Virology Died - By Jamie Andrews

Twitter Space - Where’s the scientific data that “vaccines save lives”?

No Virus - A Battle That Started Before Our Time

Another Twitter Space - It Was Crashed A Few Times

The Curious Case of Rashid Buttar

Twitter Space - Everything No Virus

An Update on Virus Isolation

Twitter Space - Logical Fallacies: "Shifting the burden of proof fallacy"

The Casual Snake Oil Salesman - A Good Gatekeeper Tell

Debating a Twitter Space - No Virus Means Vaccines Are Poison for Pharma Profits Only

An Old Chat - Can We Just Go on Another Rant

Jerneja Tomsic - Molecular Biologist - Chats with courtenay, dirk and trina

The Subtleties of Gatekeeping

Mike Yeadon - Another Case of Lee Merritt?

Virology - The Damning Evidence

Courtenay on the Manx Radio Show

The Gatekeepers Club

Tom Barnett - Your Trusted 1 Eyed News Source

Virus Lie - The Result of 4 Years of Study.

The Gatekeepers Club Taking on New Members or Perhaps They're Old Ones We Have Never Noticed